tie on personal pouch


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This white velvet personal tie on pouch is a unique idea for those who like to wear their gemstones close to their body/chakras.

Instead of tirelessly attempting to keep your gemstone tucked into undergarments (bras, etc.) this pouch is designed to be tied on to undergarments, jeans/belt loops or where ever you prefer with your gemstone inside, keeping it close to you. It can also be used to secure small precious valuables such as rings, earrings, herbs, etc.

It measures approximately 4cm x 4cm. Only comes in white velvet. The tie on lace is a soft satin type of cord making it easy to untie if you choose to use a basic knot to gently secure your precious gemstone (or goods).

Handmade in Australia by Purely Therapeutic.

*Accessories not included.