Myrrh Incense Sticks Hem


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Myrrh is used for healing, protection, peace, love and purifying. Hem Royal Series incenses are high strength fragrances with over 1 hour burning time per stick.
Hand rolled in India. Masala incenses are prepared from pulverised particles of aromatic plants, mixed with the highest quality aroma oils. Incenses are pressed and rolled with hands on fragments of fine bamboo. The scent of these masala incenses is light and pleasant.

Packet is approximately 15g and contains up to approximately 15 sticks of incense (quantity of sticks may vary as this product is based on weight when packaged not quantity).

Packet measures approximately 21cm in length x 3.5cm wide x 1.5cm high.

*Accessories not included.

**This listing is for 1 packet of incense, not the entire box pictured.

***This item will be flat packed for postage. We simply slice the tape at the ends of the packet to flat pack and the packet can be popped back in to shape upon arrival. Your incense sticks will remain safe during transit.