Long Five Ringed Dream Catcher


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This beautiful Dream Catcher measures approx. 76cm in entire length from top bead to bottom of feathers (excluding hanging thread), with a 16.5cm diameter main circle.

The 5 connecting rings of this dream catcher give it great length making it very eye-catching. Each ring is bound in shimmering foil wrap.

The representation of each Dream Catcher's colour is: 

Red: Passion, the life essence, power, physical energy, courage, bringing change in difficult circumstances. Associated with Mars, battle, the element of fire, the south, projective energy.

Green: The heart and emotions, love, nature, gardens and growth, money and prosperity, employment. Associated with the earth element.

Blue: Wisdom, patience, possibility, the healing of the spirit, idealism, truth & justice. Associated with the moon, the element of water, the west, reflective energy.

Pink: Love and kindness, reconciliation, peace & harmony, compassion, gentle emotions. Associated with family, children & friendship, receptive energy.

A Dream Catcher can assist you in bringing these qualities into your life.